Capital Area Savings: Savings Options to Build a Stable Financial Future

We all know that we should save, for retirement, for college, for a down payment, for a rainy day… but how do you start? At Capital Area, we offer savings and club accounts to help you save for short-term needs, along with CDs and IRAs to help you save for long-term goals. As a not-for-profit organization, we can offer higher interest rates and lower fees than many other financial institutions.

Saving money can be easy when you have the right partner to help you. To get started saving with Capital Area call us at 207-622-3442, email us, or stop in to set up your accounts and get information on our rates!

A Note About Dormant Accounts

Please ensure that there are transactions on your accounts every 6 months.

Capital Area’s policy requires that when a deposit account goes below $200 and there is no activity for six (6) months, the account becomes “inactive” or “Dormant” and is charge a $5 monthly fee until the account is activated. A deposit of just a dollar every 6 months will keep the account active. 

Please remember that this is NOT our goal to fee your account. It is our goal to ensure that your account is not termed “dormant” as described by Maine Law. If the account remains inactive for three (3) years, the account then becomes abandoned and the monies at that time (by Law) have to be turned over to the State of  Maine as unclaimed property.

If you have an inactive account please activate it as soon as possible to avoid the monthly charge of $5 and avoid your funds from being defined as “abandoned”.