Business Checking Accounts that Help you Concentrate on your Business, not your Bottom Line

As every small business owner knows, sometimes the financial piece of your business can take more time and effort than the sale of your product or service! At Capital Area, we want to help you maintain your business checking account with minimal time, effort and expense on your part. Let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to your account! Here are just a few of the services we offer to help you concentrate on your business and not your bottom line:

  • Accept debit and credit cards from your customers with our merchant card services through Power Pay
  • Numerous checkbook options to simplify your record keeping
  • Locked deposit bags- let your employees make deposits while maintaining the security of your deposit or make after-hours deposits using our night depository.
  • One low monthly fee for unlimited transactions with no “per item” or “per deposit” fees!
  • Free online banking and automated phone banking to check your balances and make transfers when it’s convenient for you!

powerpaylogoLike what you read? Then contact us or stop in today to simplify your business checking!