e-Alerts are email messages or text messages sent to you to notify you of certain transactions or events happening on your account.

Each e-Alert can be sent to multiple email or cellular phone addresses within minutes of the actual transaction. e-Alerts can be set up by yourself if you use the Capital Connection on-line banking service; if you are not using on-line banking, contact a credit union member service representative to have e-Alerts set up for your account.

e-Alerts can be set up for the following events:CAFCU e-Alerts

  • Low Balance eAlert
  • NSF eAlert
  • Overdraw Transfer (ODT) eAlert
  • Direct Deposit Received eAlert
  • Automatic Withdrawal eAlert
  • Large Withdrawal eAlert
  • Specific Check # Cleared eAlert
  • Maturing Certificate eAlert
  • Loan Payment Due eAlert
  • Loan Payment Made eAlert
  • Loan Payment Change eAlert
  • Loan Past Due eAlert
  • Large Debit Card or ATM Transaction eAlert
  • Line of Credit Advance eAlert
  • Low Available Line of Credit (Loan) eAlert
  • Online Banking Access eAlert
  • Online Banking Share Transaction eAlert
  • Mailing Address Change eAlert
  • E-mail Address Change eAlert
  • Regulation D Transaction eAlert

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